Why Your Friend’s Treatment Didn’t Work

whywoodDo you have a friend who has received treatment for a particular functional disorder (but it wasn’t very effective)? Is this the same problem you are currently experiencing, so you are starting to worry that coming in to let us treat you is actually not going to help at all? In these instances, it is extremely important to remember all of the variables that come into play. Poor results can occur due to several reasons that have no bearing on the potential effectiveness of treatment for your need. Let’s explore this idea!

Your Friend Wasn’t Consistent

As you can imagine, patients are not always as consistent with the treatments they receive as they should be. Let’s say your friend was dealing with the functional disorder TMD (TMJ disorder). Perhaps she received oral appliance therapy and wore the device 85 percent of the suggested time. This can lead to a decrease in effectiveness, of course, having nothing to do with the efficacy of the treatment itself. Remember, human error can play a serious role in treatment success rates.

Your Friend’s Problem Wasn’t Identical To Yours

Let’s imagine for a moment that your friend was suffering with bruxism disorder (and so are you). Perhaps your friend had been dealing with this functional disorder for 10 years, while you have only been experiencing some trouble for around six months. As a result, she may be dealing with significant damage, while you can still avoid it. The treatment her dentist provided her might not have been best suited to her needs. However, the exact same treatment might work wonders for you. Remember that the reason we offer completely personalized treatment is because everyone’s oral health is unique. Thanks to our thorough diagnostics and treatment options, we can easily create a plan that will offer you the success you seek.

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