Quiz: Bruxism And Tooth Loss

quizredtalkWhen you think to yourself, “I need treatment for my bruxism disorder” but you don’t do anything to seek out care, you’re doing yourself a big disservice. The longer you pretend this issue isn’t going on or that it isn’t going to lead to serious consequences, the greater your risk of everything from minor damage to a severe compromising of your oral health. Get the details squared away with a helpful quiz.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

Q1: True or False: If you ignore your bruxism disorder and it continues to damage your teeth, it can actually lead to tooth loss.

Q2: True or False: If you experience tooth loss as a result of bruxism, we can replace your teeth, so your smile is complete and functional again.

Q3: True or False: When we replace your teeth, in addition to providing a complete smile, we will ensure it is balanced to protect you from all manner of possible side effects (including aggravating your bruxism).

Quiz Answers

A1: True. As a matter of fact, bruxism disorder can actually lead to the loss of your teeth. The constant pressure and friction may lead to disease and physical damage so great that tooth loss becomes the consequence.

A2: True. Of course, regardless of the reason for your tooth loss, we can help you reestablish a healthy, complete smile again with the help of tooth replacement solutions.

A3: True. Restoring your smile after tooth loss doesn’t just mean making it look whole again. It means making it functional and balanced, so your oral health is at its best, instead of suffering from new problems.

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