Headaches Q&A: Are Your Wisdom Teeth To Blame?

qagoldPerhaps you have a hunch (or solid evidence) that it’s time for your third molars to be removed. With this knowledge, you may begin wondering whether your need for headache relief is connected to your wisdom teeth. The short answers is: Perhaps. For a clearer understanding of how these issues may be related and what to do, we suggest you make your way through some helpful questions and answers.

Questions and Answers: Headaches

Question: Is it in any way possible that my wisdom teeth are to blame for my headaches? How do I find out?

Answer: Yes, it is possible that your third molars that have not yet been removed are contributing to your headaches. Remember that headache relief may include addressing an individual problem or multiple issues that are all leading to the discomfort.

Question: In what way might my wisdom teeth contribute to my constant headaches and need for headache relief?

Answer: In general, headaches stem from wisdom teeth when the teeth are problematic. This might mean that they have not yet erupted (we call this impacted wisdom teeth). Their inability to erupt can lead to cysts or infection. Or, if they have grown in but have disrupted the balance of your bite, you may compensate by changing the way you speak, chew, and move your mouth in general. Both issues can lead to discomfort and jaw strain and, subsequently, headaches.

Question: What should I do if I think I need my third molars removed? How do I move forward with actually figuring this out and finding relief?

Answer: Schedule a headache relief consultation with us. We will perform a comprehensive diagnostic exam to find out if you require oral surgery, as well as to identify and create a treatment plan for any other factors.

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