Headache Relief Details: Questions And Answers

questionanswersigns2Do you suffer from headaches but you worry that we will consider your pain “insufficient” for care or that maybe you need to just suck it up and keep taking the pain relievers you have been depending on for so long? The quick answer is: If you deal with chronic headaches, you should most definitely contact us about headache relief. As for those details that are causing you to hesitate, we offer helpful explanations with a question-and-answer session.

Questions and Answers: Seeking Relief

Question: Is it really true that there are a lot of other factors that come into play with headaches and not only nerves?

Answer: Yes! While your nervous system certainly plays a key role in the discomfort, there are many factors that contribute to your discomfort. These can include functional oral health problems (like bruxism or TMD). You might be quite anxious. You may even need braces or need to improve your posture.

Question: I’m under the impression that the only way to treat headaches is to take pain relievers. Is there really another way to attain headache relief?

Answer: Yes. What you’re talking about is masking the symptom of headaches. When we provide relief, we go straight to the source to fix the problem that has been causing the pain. While pain relievers can certainly help you throughout the process, you won’t need to rely on them forever.

Question: I have headaches almost every day but they are tolerable. Does that mean that I’m not a very good candidate for your headache relief care?

Answer: Not at all. Just because your pain level is something you’ve learned to deal with doesn’t make it okay. Headaches are not supposed to be a “normal” part of your daily life. Schedule a visit, so we can help you enjoy headache-free day-to-day living.

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