Checkups And Headache Relief

dentalcheckupmagnifyingDon’t underestimate the importance of dental checkups. You may think that these are just routine and something that we suggest you do but that there’s no real significance to a six-month exam. As a matter of fact, if you’re seeking headache relief, you may think that you’ve got bigger problems in your life than coming in so we can look for cavities. Actually, checkups can help you with much more than decay (including those headaches of yours). Consider some helpful advice, so you’re doing all that you can to promote your best health.

About Checkups

Your dental checkup isn’t just a matter of going through the motions or a routine without any significance behind it. It’s just the opposite. It’s a way for us to consistently inspect your smile and the tissues that surround and support it. What you may not recognize is that beyond decay, there are a number of hygiene-related and functional disorders that may occur. If we see you every six months, we can find them and fix them. If they’re related to your headaches, we can put the brakes on the progression of the problem before your discomfort becomes more frequent and more severe.

What We’re Looking For

As we mentioned, we are not only looking for cavities. We are looking for problems with your oral health, so we can protect the structure, comfort, function, and beauty of your teeth and gums. We are also protecting the entire framework of your oral cavity, the health of which has a significant impact on your ability to avoid headaches. Common contributors to consistent headaches (that we will detect during dental checkups) include:

  • Bruxism
  • TMJ Disorder
  • Misalignment
  • And more

Plan Your Visit

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