Holiday Headaches Or A Chronic Problem?

holidaypicAs the holidays come around, it can offer you some helpful information regarding the way you experience headaches. As you know, this exciting time generally brings with it some heightened stress, even if you are having a wonderful time. To help you discover more about receiving headache relief, we encourage you to make your way through some telling questions (and to schedule a visit with us no matter what).

Do You Get Headaches Only During High Stress?

Do you find that the only time you really end up with headaches is during times of significant stress? Translation: You get headaches as you prepare for the holidays and during other moments including a lot of commotion or tension. However, you don’t really experience them otherwise. You might suffer from tension headaches, for which we can offer suggestions for headache relief! However, this is not a chronic concern.

Do You Get Headaches Dealing With Common Stress?

Stress comes in all forms! Do you find that headaches affect you not only when dealing with holiday concerns but many other concerns, too? Perhaps your work stresses you, your daily schedule, worrying about other life events, family matters, and the list goes on. If so, you might be dealing with chronic headaches brought on in part as the result of tension. Note: Other issues like your bite, TMJ disorder, or bruxism could be contributing. Come in for a visit, so we can provide headache relief!

Do You Almost Always Get Headaches?

Do you laugh at the thought of “holiday headaches” because rarely a day goes by during which you are free from pain? Come see us. We offer full, comfortable diagnostic evaluations that can reveal the problem and the appropriate solution. Headache relief is only a visit away.

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