Talking With Your Spouse About Headaches

marriedcoupleDoes your spouse suffer from headaches? Are you aware of issues that are likely contributing to the problem but you are not sure how to explain these things to your significant other? Are you unsure regarding what to do about helping your loved one achieve headache relief? Fortunately, this is something we can help you with! Consider a bit of advice and remember: This is not an uncommon concern!

Talk About What You’ve Noticed

Let your loved one know that you have noticed some symptoms that he or she may not have recognized were happening. For instance, perhaps your spouse is experiencing teeth grinding or clenching that you have heard or seen. Maybe your spouse complains of jaw discomfort. Perhaps your spouse’s posture has shifted and headaches have increased.

Explain That The Whole Body Is Connected

Now that you have mentioned symptoms that you have been picking up on as of late, it’s time to let your spouse know that the whole body is connected! Mention that the way the upper body functions, such as unintentional habits like grinding, jaw strain, tense shoulders due to posture, or anything else, can all lead to headaches. By improving function, we can offer headache relief.

Mention Scheduling A Visit

Let your spouse know that we offer an evaluation that is comfortable, comprehensive, and that will help us figure out why the headaches are happening. Our headache relief comes in the form of noninvasive assistance, so you can say goodbye to the need for pills and say hello to comfort!

Plan Your Visit

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