Month: January 2017

Bruxism Review: What Is It, Exactly?

You may be struggling with headaches, TMJ disorder, or even strange new changes to your teeth. When you learn that the underlying cause is bruxism disorder, your relief that there’s an answer and a name for what’s going on may be followed by your realization that you have absolutely no idea what this disorder is!… Read more »

Get To Know Us: About Our Dental Care

How much do you know about our dental practice? Are you familiar with the different areas of care that we offer? Did you realize that our listing of services is extremely diverse (as well as comprehensive)? It’s true! We offer everything from general and cosmetic care to headache relief. Our philosophy also ensures that we provide… Read more »

Healthy Changes For Headache Relief

If headaches are plaguing your life, we always suggest that you schedule a headache relief consultation with us. It will allow our team to provide a thorough evaluation to determine what’s happening to cause your discomfort. Fortunately, whether it’s one issue or multiple sources, we can address them to transport you from chronic headaches to… Read more »

Get A Better Looking Smile ASAP!

Perhaps you’ve been spending time getting your smile healthy, dealing with headaches, addressing bruxism, or any other manner of oral health related issues. What you may have been putting on the back burner for quite some time, however, is the way your smile looks. If you find that you’re ready to go ahead and make… Read more »