A Simple Refresher: Protecting Your Oral Health

If you’re hoping your oral health is in good condition but you don’t really know if you’re doing everything you need to in order to ensure that’s the case, we have a simple refresher for you. We know that it’s very easy to become focused on other things, while the details of dental care begin to fizzle away. Fortunately, getting back into the swing of things, so your smile remains safe, is very easy. Take our advice into consideration.

Brush And Floss!

Of course you know that brushing and flossing is necessary for your oral health. However, if you’re not up to snuff on the details, you may not be enjoying the benefits you’re hoping to achieve. Instead, you might brush and floss but still end up with issues like tooth decay. Consider the specifics:

  • Only use a brush with soft bristles
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste (that is not abrasive)
  • Brush two times a day
  • Make sure brushing sessions are two minutes long
  • Floss once every day (no skipping)

Schedule Your Checkups And Cleanings

If you put off your checkups and cleanings with us, then you’re setting yourself up for failure even if you’re doing a great job with your dental hygiene. You see, you do a lot for your smile with your care at home. However, it’s not enough. Within a year’s time, we need to see you two times to check in on your teeth and gums and to thoroughly clean them, so you can avoid oral health problems.

Alert Us About Changes

Notice a change? Call us immediately. The sooner we take a look at the issue (and provide any needed treatment), the easier it is to maintain that excellent oral health of yours.

Find Out How To Protect Your Smile With Us

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