Q&A: TMJ Disorder Symptoms

If you’re new to the world of TMJ disorder (TMD) but you think this issue is not new for your mouth (perhaps you’ve been dealing with symptoms you don’t understand for quite some time) then you probably have a lot of questions. To get you started on figuring out what might be going on with your smile and jaw joints, and to ensure you are ready to delve a bit deeper into the details, we offer a brief yet information-packed Q&A session.

Questions and Answers

Question: I don’t think that I grind my teeth or clench them but a friend of mine told me that if I have TMJ disorder, it must have come from bruxism. Is this right?

Answer: It’s a possibility. However, TMD can also lead to the development of bruxism. In addition, TMD may develop as the result of other factors (such as injury).

Question: So, if I do have TMJ disorder, can you help me? Can you treat me regardless of the cause?

Answer: First, we can most definitely help you treat your TMD. Pinpointing the potential underlying cause of the problem will not disqualify you from treatment. It will simply help us provide you the best treatment plan possible. For some, an oral appliance will be all that is necessary. However, let’s say you have misaligned teeth, which are contributing to the TMD. You may benefit both from an oral appliance and orthodontic treatment. If you suffer from bruxism and TMD, we can treat both.

Question: How can I figure out if my symptoms like headaches, jaw pain, clicking, and more are the result of TMD or something else?

Answer: Schedule a checkup with our practice!

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