3 Times You’ll Need An Oral Appliance

You might call it an oral appliance, you may refer to it as a mouthguard, or some other type of name for a device that goes in your mouth and fits over your teeth. Whatever the case, you’ll find that there are a few common instances in which you will be required to wear a mouthguard to keep your smile safe. Let us provide you with some additional information, so you see that this type of therapy or protection can prove quite impressive.

#1: If You Have TMJ Disorder

When you suffer from TMJ disorder (TMD), you’ve got jaw joints that are under pressure, that are not functioning well, and that need some rest. To treat your issue, we may suggest an oral appliance. It will position your jaw joints (TMJs) so they can relax and possibly heal (while you avoid any additional trauma).

#2: If You Have Bruxism Disorder

If you’re not already familiar, bruxism is a problem with excessive motion of your muscles, either resulting in unintentional (but chronic) grinding of your teeth or clenching. When this happens, wearing an oral appliance while you sleep is so helpful (particularly because bruxism commonly occurs during sleep). It cushions teeth, so the stress, friction, and tension doesn’t happen.

#3: If You Are Active In Sports

If you’re taking a leisurely walk around your neighborhood every day, we’re not going to insist you wear an oral appliance of any kind. However, if you’re someone who is actively involved on a team, individual workouts, or one-on-one sports, you will find that we will suggest you always wear a mouthguard. It will help prevent a long list of possible injuries (some of which can be unexpected and severe).

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