A Quiz All About TMJ Disorder: What It Is (And Isn’t)

As you make your way into the world of figuring out what’s going on with your oral health, unusual symptoms, and the possibility that you’re dealing with TMJ disorder (TMD), things can become a little bit confusing. As you may have noticed, another closely-related disorder known as bruxism can cause a bit of confusion. The same is true for figuring out where TMD comes from and what you should be doing about it. Good news: Our quiz will offer some introductory help.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. Question 1: True or False: TMJ disorder (TMD) is something that happens when you grind your teeth too much.
  2. Question 2: True or False: TMD is a disease that occurs as the result of hygiene problems (like when you decide you’re simply not going to brush and floss for a while).
  3. Question 3: True or False: TMD is something for which we can provide you with tips for improvement but it’s not something we can readily treat.

Quiz Answers

  1. Answer 1: False. While grinding may contribute or make matters worse, grinding on a habitual level is called bruxism disorder. TMJ disorder is the problem that is characterized by TMJs (jaw joints, or temporomandibular joints) with limited or damaged function. This can also affect the surrounding muscles.
  2. Answer 2: False. TMD is not a disease related to your hygiene. Instead, it’s known as a functional disorder. This has to do with the way your smile, joints, muscles, and all tissues work together. It is caused by one or more of a variety of factors (sometimes injury, stress, and more).
  3. Answer 3: False. We can treat TMD! To protect your jaw joints, our approach is typically with an oral appliance. To translate, this means you’ll wear a mouthguard when you’re sleeping.

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