Headaches: How Your Chewing Habits Affect You

What are you doing throughout the day that causes you to chew? Are you someone who likes to nibble on your pencil, while you work? Maybe you’ve been known to buy chewing gum in bulk! Whatever the case, you might be overlooking the fact that overworking your jaw and moving your mouth so much may be contributing to headaches by making a functional disorder worse. Don’t worry, we’ve got the nuts and bolts all sorted out for you to look over, so you can get closer to attaining headache relief.

First, Stop Chewing So Much

Regardless of the reason chewing might be contributing to your headaches, it’s time to ease up with the chewing. Reducing this motion may help you attain headache relief. It will certainly not hurt. This means we encourage you to reduce the following habits, which are considered excessive when you’re dealing with problems that stem from your mouth:

  • Chewing gum
  • Chewing your fingernails
  • Chewing ice as a snack
  • Snacking too frequently
  • Chewing hard objects like your pen
  • Eating food that’s very hard to chew

Now, Come In!

Come in to see us, so we can figure out whether a chewing-related issue and/or some other concerns are the basis for your headaches. Did you know that sometimes it’s bruxism disorder (grinding and clenching) or TMJ disorder (issues with the function of jaw joints) that is leaving you in dire need of headache relief? Add too much chewing to these issues and you’re consistently aggravating your jaws and teeth and surrounding tissues, which may yield daily headaches. See us soon for a diagnosis and treatment.

See Our Team For Your Headache Relief

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