Month: December 2017

3 Sedation Resolutions You Can Keep

There are lots of things that add stress to your life. Keeping New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be one of them. Do you have the idea that dental sedation is just for the most taxing situations? In fact, there are sedation options for every dental situation. And some people don’t require sedation at all. The goal… Read more »

Headache Culprits In Someone Else’s Home

Not staying at home this year for your holiday festivities? Heading to the home of a friend or relative? It’s important to remember that when you’re not in your usual environment, there are some new things in your surroundings, etc., that can end up contributing to headaches. Of course, you will need headache relief from… Read more »

2018: Get Your Oral Health Together

What’s your plan for your smile in 2018? Do you have one? Do you secretly have some ideas but you never seem to get the motivation and keep up the momentum when it comes to transforming your smile for the upcoming year? What do you need for yourself, so you can feel wonderful about caring… Read more »

Discomfort: When You’re Not Sure

You know that you’re experiencing discomfort. However, you’re having a hard time pinpointing where that pain starts and what’s causing it. If you feel embarrassed to schedule a visit with us because you don’t have any answers, we strongly suggest you consider the following: That is one of the very reason you should schedule a… Read more »