Dental Cleanings: 3 Questions, 3 Answers

It can be easy to come up with all sorts of beliefs about dental cleanings that you create all on your own. Unfortunately, unless you get lucky or happen to know quite a lot about dental care, you may end up making some incorrect guesses, which can negatively affect your oral health. Why not ask us your questions about cleanings and other preventive care details, so you know for sure that you’re right on track with protecting teeth and gums? Let’s get you started with three very common questions and our answers.

Question #1: When Should I See You For Cleanings?

You should make time to see our team two times within each year. When you break that down according to the way we suggest you receive dental cleanings, that means in intervals of six month periods. Take a look at your calendar and you will see: That means that for the rest of your life, we simply see you every six months without stop, so we can guide your oral health and protect it!

Question #2: Is There Anyone Who Doesn’t Need Cleanings?

Nope. There’s not one person out there to whom we would say, “You don’t need dental cleanings.” Everyone needs them because oral bacteria can affect anyone’s gums and teeth. Everyone needs clean, healthy smiles for good oral health and overall health. While you may think you can keep your smile clean enough at home, you still need our services!

Question #3: Do I Have To Schedule A Separate Visit For Checkups?

Nope! Dental cleanings and checkups come as a package deal (unless we discuss or plan otherwise).

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