Month: August 2018

3 Ways To Tackle Headaches In September

September is near. Once we enter this month, we’ll be closing the door on summer and will find ourselves heading straight for autumn. What’s this mean and what on earth does it have to do with your need for headache relief, you wonder? Of course, any time is a very good time to come in… Read more »

3 Simple Reasons It’s Good To Schedule Headache Relief

It can be difficult to convince yourself to set up a visit to see our dental team for a variety of reasons. If you deal with any type of anxiety regarding dental care, then you’re already looking at one obstacle. Or, maybe your schedule is super packed! Now, when you’re thinking about coming in for… Read more »

Begin At The Very Beginning: Headache Consultation

To make things nice and easy when you’re considering headache relief from our Houston, TX practice, we encourage you to call us and to schedule a consultation. You don’t need to do a ton of reading or research. You don’t need to weigh one type of treatment against another to decide whether seeing our dental… Read more »

Pediatric Dental Care Time: Back To School 2018!

Welcome to the tail end of summer! It’s a time when you look back and wonder what happened to a vacation you are so sure just got started. It’s also a time that’s much less relaxed than those first days because you’ve got so many details to tend to! When it comes to your children’s… Read more »