Dry Mouth: Telling You What It’s All About!

You have probably heard someone talk about dry mouth at some point in your life. You may have even woken up one day, wondering why your mouth felt incredibly dry yet sticky. Though you may not have put two and two together, this was an example of experiencing a mouth without adequate moisture. Sometimes, it’s a temporary result of something like being congested. In other instances, it becomes chronic and isn’t so great for your oral health. For a clear, streamlined, and quick initial understanding of this disorder, take some new information in that our Houston, TX would like to offer.

What’s Really Going On?

Our team knows that you might not understand what’s going on with your mouth. All you know is that you are not feeling so happy about the very dry conditions in there. What’s happening, you wonder? Well, there are a couple things that may be going on. First, you’re making enough saliva but circumstances are causing it to dry up. Or, your body is simply not producing enough. The result? Your mouth feels dry and possibly sticky. It may feel like it burns a bit. Your lips may dry out and crack. You may even notice that the saliva you do have appears thick or “stringy.”

Why Is It Happening?

There are many factors that can contribute to the development of dry mouth. If you’re sick or congested, then mouth breathing will cause it (and it will likely go away once you’re better). If you snore, then you may deal with this consistently). Or, you may be taking a medication that causes it. When you’re unsure about what’s going on, come see us!

Are There Any Quick Remedies?

Of course. Do your best to treat anything inhibiting your ability to breathe through your nose, such as treating a case of congestion or allergies. Begin drinking more water than you usually do, so you can see if simple dehydration is the issue. Of course, you may also want to check medications and their side effects (you may need to stop taking a pill or change it out with something else to address your dry mouth).

What If Nothing At Home Works?

If nothing works at home, remember that it’s very important you come in to see our team for a dental checkup. Whatever is affecting your oral health and causing you to fall short on saliva, we can certainly help you. It’s so important not only because it can feel uncomfortable and make eating, etc., difficult but also because dry conditions promote bacterial-related issues like cavities. See us soon!

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