Month: December 2018

Headache Causes: In Your Mouth?

It seems a natural assumption that headaches come from your head…right? In fact, while headache pain may seat itself in your head, the causes can be located in places other than the upper portion of your head. For example, problems in the jaw joints (known as TMJ) can show up as headaches (as well as… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: Are You Feeling Holiday Ready?

The holidays, as you have thoroughly realized by now, are upon us. This means that it’s nearly time for Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and possibly lots and lots of guests descending upon your home. Or, you may be putting the finishing touches on your plans for what you’re going to pack for some… Read more »

Headache Relief: Why “Trying Harder” Isn’t Necessarily Helpful

You may think to yourself that if you would just try harder to deal with your headaches, then you could probably finally achieve headache relief. Or, you may feel like it’s close to the end as far as your efforts are concerned but a friend or family member comments that you just need to give… Read more »

Dental Bonding: Things You Realize During Holiday Time

While you may think from time to time about esthetic problems with your smile that you’d like to resolve, you may sweep them under the rug. This is during your daily life, of course, when things become rather routine and you are accustomed to your smile looking a particular way. However, when the holidays show… Read more »