My Teeth Are Starting To Look Worn Down – What Can I Do?

The work of biting and chewing may take a toll on your teeth, leading to signs of visible wear and tear. While some changes from friction can be hard to avoid, you may be concerned about this effect if the quality of your smile has started to suffer. Sometimes, people unknowingly put their teeth through excess wear and tear due to certain behaviors, or through their diet choices. At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, we can talk to you about this problem, check on the health of teeth that appear especially worn down, and recommend treatment options. To put a stop to this problem, we may have to recommend treatment for bruxism, as the consistent friction from grinding your teeth can lead to potentially serious dental damage.

What Can Cause Dental Wear And Tear?

While tooth enamel is a remarkably strong material, your smile can be affected over time by the friction produced whenever you bite and chew food. With that said, there are certain issues that may lead to more exaggerated issues with wear and tear. Aggressively brushing your teeth can create more friction which weakens enamel. You can also have problems because you chew on hard surfaces like pen caps and ice cubes as a nervous or idle habit. The issue can also stem from an unresolved issue with jaw clenching or grinding, particularly if you have issues with this at night.

Addressing Problems With Teeth That Appear Worn Down

How serious can dental wear and tear be? For some, this matter will be one that can be addressed through cosmetic dental work. However, others may have damage that will require restorative treatment. If there are concerns that a tooth is in poor health, or that it might be vulnerable to harm, your dentist can recommend the placement of a dental crown. Cosmetic treatments can be more conservative than treatment involving dental crowns, but they are not effective at dealing with functional problems.

Has Bruxism Caused Your Issues With Wear And Tear?

In addition to damaging your teeth, bruxism can be a concern because it may be connected to TMJ disorder, or connected to problems with chronic headaches. If you often wake up with sore or sensitive teeth, a headache, or stiffness in your jaw, it can be a sign that you should address the matter with your dentist. You can also lower your risk for teeth grinding through the removal of alcohol and caffeine from your diet, and efforts to manage stress before you go to bed.

Our Houston, TX Dentist’s Office Can Help Patients Address Problems With Their Teeth

At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to help patients who are growing concerned about the appearance of visible dental wear and tear. If you have this issue, or if there is another oral health concern that you wish to have addressed, you can reach Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry by calling (281) 974-4494.

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