Preventing Facial Collapse With Implant Dentures

dental implants prevent facial collapse

We looked at dental bridges in our previous blog, but what if you have lost the majority of your teeth? In today’s blog, your Houston, TX, dentist will explain how we create and place complete and partial dentures, and the additional benefits of securing them with dental implants. We want to make sure you continue to enjoy a beautiful smile and optimal oral health!

Facial Collapse

What does facial collapse mean? Well, when we lose multiple teeth, the body will no longer provide the surrounding jawbone tissue with routine doses of calcium and phosphorus. Without these key ingredients, the jawbone tissue loses mass and density. Along with causing further tooth loss, this could lead to an aged appearance, including a ptotic chin and sunken cheeks, also referred to as facial collapse. Fortunately, dental implants can help prevent this from occurring!

Full and Partial Prosthetics

First, let’s look at the prosthetic portion. If you have gaps spread out across your smile, but haven’t lost enough to require a full denture, we may suggest a partial. The partial has a base created from acrylic and designed to look like gum tissue. There will be lifelike replacement teeth too, which absorb bite forces and blend with your smile. If you have lost all of them or at least the vast majority of your teeth, we may suggest a complete, which again has an acrylic base, but also has a full row of teeth this time. Typically, these are removable and held in place with metal clasps or natural suction, but to prevent facial collapse and offer a longer-lasting prosthetic, we may opt for dental implants.

Removable vs. Implant-Secured

Removable options need to be replaced periodically as the jaw ridge changes shape due to loss of mass and density. However, with the implant options we insert multiple dental implant posts per arch. The posts then bond with the one tissue, and are recognized by the body as natural roots. The flow of nutrients to the jawbone resumes, preventing facial collapse and also allowing these new teeth to last for decades to complete, possibly even a lifetime! If you have any questions about addressing more severe cases of tooth loss and avoiding the onset of facial collapse, then contact our team today. We want to help our patients enjoy full, functional, and beautiful smiles for years to come!


At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, our team offers full and partial options that we can secure with lifelike and long-lasting dental implants. Find out more about our lifelike dentures and about the many benefits implant dentistry by calling Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry at (281) 974-4494.

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