Improve The Tooth Fairy Tradition

Tooth FairyThe Tooth Fairy is a common part of growing up. Having your child place a lost baby tooth under their pillow and then replacing it with a small amount of money is a fun way to help them feel more secure about losing part of themselves. It also presents a good opportunity to teach them about teeth and good oral hygiene practices. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX, dentist describes ways that you can make the Tooth Fairy tradition more exciting and interactive. 

Write A Receipt

Instead of just leaving coins or a bill underneath your child’s pillow, you can leave them a receipt. Include their name, the date, the amount left, and even a short description of their tooth. They will appreciate the acknowledgment from the Tooth Fairy and it will make for a fun keepsake down the road. Similarly, you can have your child write a note for the Tooth Fairy to leave with their baby teeth, thanking her for her service. The Tooth Fairy (you) can then write a response that includes tooth brushing tips and preventative care information. Your child will likely be more responsive to this since it is coming from the magical Tooth Fairy rather than from mom or dad.

Create A Special Tooth Dish

Trying to discreetly fumble underneath your kid’s pillow while they are asleep is undoubtedly challenging. If they were to wake up and notice you, you’d likely have some explaining to do. Rather than mess with this process, have your kid pick out or make a little bowl or dish that they can place their teeth into when they fall out. This will make the tradition feel more interactive for them, and if they do opt to make their own at a ceramics studio, it can double as a healthy creative outlet. 

Arts And Crafts

There is a variety of fun, printable pages that can be found here. Options include door signs, calendars, scrapbook pages, and more. Each one is made to be colored in, so you and your kid can have a great time letting those creative spirits flow. You could also take this time to write in helpful at-home tips for your child. If they associate them with the Tooth Fairy, then they are more likely to follow them, as they’ll associate good mouth care with her. 

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