Protecting Gums Through Ultrasonic Scaling

You can give your teeth and gums the right support through your daily oral hygiene efforts. Taking the time each day to thoroughly clean your smile will keep bacteria from building up on the roots of your teeth and creating problems for your overall health. At your regular dental checkups with your Houston, TX dentist, you can count on important additional support to protect you against the onset of gingivitis. With that said, these checkups can be particularly beneficial when an infection has already formed. If we observe the symptoms of poor gum health, we can provide an ultrasonic scaling to remove bacteria on the roots of your teeth. This process can help stop an active infection so that your tissues can properly heal, preventing potential complications.

The Trouble With Ignoring Gingivitis

There are warning signs of gingivitis that you can recognize and respond to. These symptoms, which include bleeding, swelling, discoloration, and problems with bad breath, can point to a need for more thorough oral hygiene efforts. What can happen to you if you let problems with gingivitis go unnoticed? If you arrive for your next dental checkup with symptoms of gingivitis, we can treat the problem by providing an ultrasonic scaling. Unfortunately, if your infection progresses and becomes more advanced, you can require more than just this service to restore your periodontal health.

How An Ultrasonic Scaling Protects Your Smile And Oral Health

Through ultrasonic scaling, we can break apart and clear out deposits of harmful microbes on the roots of your teeth. This service cleans spaces that are normally not treated during your routine dental cleanings. By accessing this space and providing protection against bacteria, we can remove the unwelcome agents that have caused an infection to begin. This gives your gums the chance to heal and regain their full health. For patients who have more serious issues to address, this kind of care can be a valuable part of a larger commitment to controlling an infection. Remember that you are more likely to have the infection caught in time if you stick with your consistent semiannual dental exams.

Talk To Your Houston, TX Dentist About Ultrasonic Scaling And Its Benefits For You

Through the consistent care you receive at preventive dental exams and your own smile care routine, you can protect yourself against gingivitis. Unfortunately, this is still a common problem, one that can raise your risk for several other concerns. Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry can respond to this issue through ultrasonic scaling, a special cleaning service that will remove bacteria from the roots of a patient’s teeth. To find out if this is a service that could benefit you, or to discuss any other matter related to your oral health, contact your Houston, TX, dentist, Dr. Vlachakis, by calling 281-974-4494.

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