Placing A Filling That You Can Rely On

There are times when your dental visits will only need to offer a thorough cleaning and feedback about your oral health. These are times when your smile has been successfully protected against the different threats that it faces. However, there are times when more work will need to be provided or planned. At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to take on different matters that can impact your health and well-being. If you find that you need work done to address a cavity, we can offer treatment that has lasting value while taking care to preserve your smile. One way we can do this is by providing dental fillings that imitate healthy enamel. While this is often the right approach to cavity treatment, we can move forward with the placement of a metal crown if you have a problem with a molar or premolar that is harder to see and tasked with absorbing more bite pressure.

A Filling Needs To Preserve Your Tooth’s Health And Bite Function

Dental fillings can make a conservative response to dental decay possible. With that said, it is important that your tooth be closely checked before a restorative procedure is recommended. After all, you will need to enjoy reliable support that ensures your tooth will be safe even as you continue to put pressure on it whenever you bite and chew. The right restoration can take different forms. Based on the severity of your cavity, we will determine if you would benefit more from a filling or a dental crown. Based on the location of the problem, we can assess whether you should receive a tooth-colored filling or have a more durable metal alternative placed.

We Can Provide Fillings That Match Your Tooth Structure

Through treatment with fillings that match your tooth structure, we can resolve problems with your smile that have made you unhappy with how you look. The materials used are capable of offering more than just lifelike results, as we can provide stability by using a composite material that actually bonds to your tooth structure. From this material, we are able to keep your safe against infection, prevent limitations to your bite function, and generally help you feel confident with your oral health and smile after treatment.

Why You Might Benefit From A Metal Restoration

There are times when less lifelike but more durable restorations are recommended. If you need a filling to restore a molar or premolar, you require a restoration that is strong enough to absorb the most significant bite pressure that you typically generate. Because these teeth are harder to see and tasked with more difficult work, it can be a good idea to protect them with a harder amalgam or metal than with a lifelike substance.

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