Month: October 2022

Periodontal Disease And Pregnancy

Pregnant Houston TX

If you are expecting, you know that it seems that everywhere you turn, there is some new concern that you have to consider. For some, the idea of keeping their oral health in check during this time may fall behind on their list of priorities. Do not let this be you, however, as it can… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry And Your Gum Health

When you think about the importance of preventive dentistry, you should think about more than just what you can do to prevent cavities. You also need to think about how your oral hygiene routine protects you against gum disease, a condition that can have more impact on you than you realize. When your periodontal health… Read more »

How Do Veneers Fix Smile Flaws?

Is there anything that you can do in order to make a meaningful change to your smile? By bringing up your interest in cosmetic dentistry to your Houston, TX dentist, you can learn about services that are used to target esthetic problems and make lasting changes to the way a person looks when they smile… Read more »

Need Headache Relief? TruDenta Can Help!

How often are you forced to change your plans because of a headache? Are you having a tougher time making it through your typical week without the onset of another painful experience with this problem? When headaches occur consistently, you should know that you could be experiencing trouble with TMJ disorder, which means correcting your… Read more »