Repair Your Enamel For A Cleaner Look

Enamel wear can leave your smile in need of repair. This material provides the chewing surface that also forms our appearance. Unfortunately, enamel does not regrow in humans, so damage to this tissue is permanent. The repair of your teeth requires the use of external materials and this process can benefit you in two distinct ways. Cosmetically, overworn teeth may appear uneven or stubby. This wear can come from a variety of sources, so it is important to tie your repair to a change in your oral health habits. If your wear comes from overnight tooth grinding, for instance, an oral appliance can help to prevent the ongoing harmful behavior.

There is also a medical need for durable enamel. The outer layer of your teeth provides defenses for the soft tissue within. Some enamel damage is however out of your control. At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX, we understand the need for strong enamel in the maintenance of lasting oral health. From single tooth repair to a full smile makeover, speak with us about your options!

Schedule Your Appointments Every Six Months

One of the most helpful ways of keeping the consistency of your smile high is through in-office treatment at your dentist. Children and adults alike require a checkup every six months in order to keep an eye on any troublesome developments. If you do receive a diagnosis, consistent visits can allow your provider to catch problems quickly. Preventive care gives you a greater flexibility in your treatment. If you struggle with enamel wear and damage, speak with a professional about your options.

A Comprehensive Approach With Porcelain Veneers

One of the methods of repair of this material is a porcelain veneer procedure. This is the use of a thin layer of translucent ceramic and it reinforces your existing tooth surface. Porcelain is known for its durability while still maintaining grace, and is often used for teacups and other dinnerware.

When used in a dental capacity, this material can help you to have a safer smile that looks gorgeous. Enamel damage from bruxism can expose the vulnerable dentin underneath. Discuss your treatment options with this condition in order to prevent future damage. An oral appliance uses a soft BPA-free guard to keep your teeth from colliding overnight. Bacterial infection can also leave you with a set of teeth that needs assistance. Discuss your particular situation with your dentist to learn more.

Durable Enamel Repair In Houston, TX

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