A Personal Approach To Cosmetic Dentistry

When you are proud of your smile, it can form the centerpiece of your appearance when interacting with others. Unfortunately, common problems like tooth today, discoloration, and problems with your alignment can leave your teeth worse for wear. When this happens, it can be a real hit to your self-confidence. By taking matters into your own hands, you will find that treatments are available to repair your teeth and enhance your smile to complement its natural beauty. From fixing a minor chip on a single tooth to receiving an entirely new set of veneers, we can help you create a personalized plan to remake your smile.

At your Houston, TX dental practice, we provide professional cosmetic treatments to give you the smile you deserve! When you visit our office, we can examine your current look and create a roadmap to where you would like to be. We take into account your busy schedule and provide a comfortable environment that may surprise you with how easy improving your smile can be.

Enhancing Your Smile Begins With Exploring Our Menu Of Treatment Options

At your dental appointment, we can determine whether or not your problems with your smile are connected to larger health issues. Oftentimes, your teeth are perfectly healthy but experience cosmetic defects. While minor wear and tear, stains and yellow discoloration, or slight problems with your alignment affect your appearance, these issues can be fixed with less invasive procedures than required by more significant issues. When we create your treatment plan, you will discover how quickly we can reduce your imperfections.

Creating Your Makeover Plan And Improving Your Smile’s Beauty

A comprehensive approach to planning your treatment helps you meet all of the needs of your smile in the order you prioritize. When selecting from your menu of treatment options, you may find solutions that address multiple problems with a single procedure. For example, with the placement of porcelain veneers, we can replace the appearance of your entire tooth. Simply placing a veneer over the front of your tooth does not significantly alter your tooth, but instead hides blemishes, chips, and discoloration.

When Your Teeth Require Restorative Repair

When examining your teeth to create your smile makeover plan, we may discover health issues that require our attention. If we discover problems with decay or gum disease, we will first treat these issues before moving on to cosmetic procedures. A healthy mouth can help you prevent the development of cosmetic problems such as discoloration further down the line.

Speak With Your Houston, TX Dentist About Cosmetic Treatments For Improving Your Smile

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