How Dental Implants Can Last For Years

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When you have tooth loss, we could offer a replacement option that will look and function like natural teeth. With dental implants, we can replace a single lost tooth or even secure a dental prosthetic, one that looks natural too. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX, dentist talks about how our team secure lifelike and durable dental implants.

The Risks Associated with Tooth Loss

What risks are associated with the loss of your natural teeth? Well, when you lose teeth, this could cause a gap that enables surrounding teeth to drift from position, causing misalignment that harms both the appearance and health of your smile. The pressure from missing teeth is also linked to a greater likelihood of TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding). For others, missing teeth could complicate how we eat and speak. Since the body stops sending calcium and phosphorus to the jaw around the lost root, this could mean an aged appearance and further tooth loss. But with implant dentistry, we can help prevent these complications!

Placing the implant Portion

Dental implants are not like traditional bridges and dentures, as the implant post is inserted into the jawbone and acts like a new root. Made from a biocompatible titanium, this is accepted as new root structure by the body, so the flow of nutrients resumes to preserve your jawbone. We will employ advanced imaging technology, such as digital x-rays, to help plan the best angle, position, and depth to insert these posts, so they can stimulate jawbone structure and stay in place for decades, possibly a lifetime for some patients!

Creating a Custom Dental Restoration

Once the placement area heals, we will attach an abutment to the post that extends above the gum line. This provides structure to attach a crown, or a portion of a denture. The restoration is a crown that is custom-made to not only look natural but ensure a balanced bite and a durable chewing surface. This is used for an individual missing tooth. For multiple missing teeth, several posts could be used to support a bridge or even a full set of dentures, so you can smile with confidence and enjoy better oral health and bite function too.

If you have missing teeth and want a durable and long-lasting solution, then reach out today to talk about dental implants and to plan an initial consultation, so we can see if this is the right choice for you. We want to help you smile with confidence and enjoy a better quality of life, so don’t ignore your tooth loss, talk to our team today.

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