Dental Crowns

Capping The Entire Top Of Your Tooth

When your teeth are healthy, their structure provides resilient resistance against the force of your bite each and every day. However, when physical injury or decay compromises the tooth, it can quickly lose the strength it once held. Certain dental procedures like root canal therapy can also alter the structure of your tooth so that it loses the complete seal provided by your enamel. To return the protection you have lost, we can design a dental crown that secures the entire visible portion above the gumline. This protects you from any additional damage.

Why We Suggest Repairing Your Tooth

Certain tooth injuries can be repaired with a more mild restoration. For example, a small cavity can usually be taken care of with a dental filling. However, when the damage from decay becomes significant, a filling cannot return the stability to your bite offered by a dental crown. There are other cases where an injury has superficial health consequences but appears esthetically unpleasing. When this happens, we may suggest a dental bonding procedure to build up the tooth’s structure. The situations that may call for a dental crown include:

  • Cracks within the tooth
  • Teeth that are missing pieces
  • Tooth infections treated by root canal therapy
  • The loss of a tooth’s surface to wear
  • Replacing missing teeth in combination with a dental implant

Your Options For Dental Crown Materials

Modern dentistry offers multiple options for constructing a dental crown. We can select from metal, porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), and zirconia to create your restoration. Depending on the location of your injured tooth, we may suggest a specific type of crown. For injuries to your molars and premolars, we could place a metal or PFM crown to take advantage of their additional strength. Conversely, porcelain and zirconia crowns can provide more cosmetically pleasing results by mimicking the exact shade of your natural enamel.

Talk To Your Houston, TX, Dentist About Restoring Your Smile With A Crown

When you have a tooth injury, we can provide a desirable restoration that enhances your bite. Depending on the severity of your tooth’s damage, we could place a dental crown to preserve your smile. To learn more about dental crowns or any other service we offer and schedule a visit, talk to a member of our team at Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Houston, TX, at (281) 974-4494.

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