Bruxism Treatment

Put An End To Your Nightly Teeth-Grinding

If you regularly grind your teeth while asleep, your smile can experience serious wear and tear before you even discover your habit! Also known as bruxism, chronic grinding destroys the surface of your teeth, leading to significant change in your bite’s alignment. This can put severe strain on the joints of your jaw as you attempt to compensate for your mismatched bite. To treat this condition, we can create a custom oral appliance that comfortably separates each row of teeth as you rest at night.

Detecting Your Bruxism Habit

How do you discover a behavior that happens while you are unconscious? Ask a family member or friend to watch over you while you sleep. They may be able to hear your teeth clenching together or see movement in your cheeks as your bite shifts back and forth. At your next dental checkup, talk to us about your concerns. We will inspect your smile for signs of wear and let you know if we recommend oral appliance therapy. By identifying this problem, we can prevent future damage and discuss repairing existing harm. This could include placing dental crowns to restore worn-down height and correct your alignment.

Designing Your Custom Mouth Guard

A custom mouth guard can protect your bite from the pressure and friction of regularly grinding your teeth at night. By taking an impression of your teeth, we obtain exact measurements to ensure your device fits comfortably. This makes complying with oral appliance therapy easier than using a generic over-the-counter approach. Made from a BPA-free plastic material, your mouth guard prevents grinding by preventing each row of teeth from touching one another. Because it relieves the pressure of your bite, a mouth guard can also relieve tension in the muscles of your jaw, leading to a more refreshing night’s rest.

Additional Forms Of Bruxism Treatment

While a custom guard can prevent ongoing damage, we may suggest additional treatments depending on the cause of your condition. For example, orthodontic treatment can bring your bite into a more uniform position. This can relieve wear from teeth that do not meet properly. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth damaged by bruxism, we could suggest placing dental veneers to return your smile’s beauty.

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