Month: April 2015

Balance Your Bite to Relieve Headaches

When it comes to dealing with headaches, especially chronic discomfort, finding answers cannot come soon enough. We find that patients often jump to a lot of very logical conclusions. However, if an unidentified dental concern is the cause of your discomfort, your logic may only carry you so far before you hit a wall. In… Read more »

Headache Quiz: True or False

We often find that patients are surprised to find dental problems may be the root cause of their headaches. If you are suffering from daily discomfort, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us to determine if we may provide you with headache relief through dental care. Now that you know your oral structures… Read more »

Headaches? Come in for a Dental Checkup

Do you suffer from chronic headaches that make it difficult to enjoy your life – or even to move comfortably through each day? Rather than continuing to live on pain medication to alleviate your symptoms, we encourage you to visit us for a dental checkup. Patients are often surprised that a variety of underlying dental-related… Read more »