Month: August 2015

5 Signs You Might Have Bruxism

One in three people suffer from bruxism, according to a study. Are you one of those patients who grinds their teeth? Even though bruxism is prevalent, not everyone has heard the term before or is aware of the condition. Bruxism is habitual grinding and clenching of your teeth. The difference that sets bruxism apart? The… Read more »

Common Causes of Headache & Head Pain

Did you know that some of the common causes of headache and head pain are dental-related and could be remedied by treatment from your dentist? The health of your mouth, the positioning of your teeth, and the proper functioning of your jaw joints are just some aspects of your dental health that all play a… Read more »

Quiz: Do You Have Bruxism or TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder and bruxism are common dental disorders affecting your TMJ, also known as the temporomandibular joint. Your temporomandibular joints are the joints that connect your jaw to the rest of your skull; they act as hinges as your mouth opens and closes. Your jaw joints are at work countless times throughout the day, though… Read more »

Why You Should Visit the Dentist for Headaches

If you have been experiencing regular headaches that disrupt your life, you may be interested in seeking relief. It probably seems logical to visit a doctor to address your headache concerns. But what about visiting your dentist? Here’s why you should visit the dentist for headaches: The underlying cause of your chronic headaches could be… Read more »