True-Or-False Quiz: About Headaches

quizblueWhen it comes to understanding headaches, why you get them, and how to make them stop, the process can feel quite overwhelming. Many people assume they are just “headache people” who are more prone to the problem and rely on over-the-counter pain relievers to alleviate mild to moderate discomfort. Others suffer from extremely severe discomfort that is disruptive to their daily lives, which becomes increasingly difficult to handle (particularly when strong medication masks the pain but does not address the underlying cause). Did you know that we offer headache relief? Surprised but interested to learn more? Find out how much you know – or still need to learn – and then schedule a consultation, so we can begin guiding you toward comfort.

Headaches Quiz: True or False?

Question #1: True or False: All headaches are alike and are caused by the same underlying problem.

Question #2: True or False: The best way to figure out if you can rely on dental care to achieve headache relief is to read as much as you can about different types of headache causes and then contact us once you’re sure we can help.

Question#3: True or False: After consulting with you and providing a comprehensive diagnostic examination, we can offer you treatment that includes medicine-free, noninvasive solutions.

Answer Key

Answer #1: False. There are many different types of headaches and many potential causes. In some cases, issues with your oral structures may contribute to your chronic discomfort.

Answer #2: False. Schedule a consultation with us, so we can complete a thorough and detailed exam regarding your structures, bite, muscle activity, and more. This will allow us to provide you with a precise diagnosis and treatment suggestion for headache relief.

Answer #3: True. We offer the TruDenta system, in addition to other options, that will provide you with a drug-free, comfortable care plan.

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