Compelling Reasons To Address Bite Problems

reasonsblocksYour bite – or your “occlusion” – is the way your top and bottom teeth and jaws fit together. In a perfect scenario, your bite is excellent, which means everything fits together comfortably without causing strain. When you suffer from a poor bite or “malocclusion” things don’t fit together like puzzle pieces. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious consequences like dental disorders and headaches. We suggest learning more about how addressing your bite may offer headache relief and other improvements, so you can attain comfort.

Your Bite May Cause Bruxism

Bruxism is a dental disorder that occurs when patients grind their teeth or clench their teeth. This is an involuntary problem, which means you aren’t aware you’re doing it. A malocclusion often contributes because your teeth do not fit together, so you either accidentally tap them together or you compensate by shifting them. Fortunately, you can avoid associated side effects (like headaches) and damage (like worn or broken teeth) by balancing your bite and seeking bruxism treatment for protection and headache relief.

Your Bite May Cause TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder occurs when your TMJs – short for temporomandibular joints (or jaw joints) – aren’t working correctly. A poorly balanced bite may contribute because it places excess or uneven pressure on one or both joints. You may, again, shift your jaws into strained positions to try to close your mouth or chew, which places tension on your TMJs. The disorder can lead to headaches and serious jaw damage. You may achieve headache relief by seeking treatment with us, which may include addressing your bite.

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