Quiz: Headache Causes

quizgreenAre you extremely surprised to learn that you can receive headache relief from your dentist? If so, you may need a bit more education regarding what causes headaches in the first place. For patients suffering from chronic discomfort, we suggest that you schedule a consultation with us immediately, so we can figure out what is causing your pain and how to treat it. For now, take yourself through a quick quiz to gain a clearer understanding of why this may be happening to you.

Headache Cause Quiz: True or False?

Q1: True or False: The only cause of headaches is related to stress. If you find a way to avoid stressing, you won’t deal with headaches any longer.

Q2: True or False: A headache may occur due to a wide variety of reasons, most of which we can help you address with treatment.

Q3: True or False: If you want headache relief, you should start by taking over-the-counter pain relievers at home for several months. Then, if they don’t get rid of the issue, contact us.

Quiz Answers

A1: False. Stress is certainly one cause of headaches. Finding a way to deal with stress and and anxiety may certainly help you prevent discomfort. However, it is not the only possible cause.

A2: True. Headaches are commonly caused by a variety of factors, including bruxism, missing teeth, damaged or unbalanced dental work, misalignment, problems with your posture, TMJ issues, and more.

A3: False. Pain relievers will offer temporary relief. However, to achieve true headache relief from chronic discomfort, you will need to visit us, so we may determine the cause of the problem and then offer appropriate treatment.

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