Q&A: Reclaiming Your Oral Health

q&AfabricHave you been away from dental care for quite some time? Do you sometimes feel like it’s been such a long stretch since your last checkup and cleaning that it might not be worth making a change? When a patient expresses interest in reclaiming oral health, we always suggest scheduling a visit right away. Remember that our mission is to help you attain exceptional dental health, regardless of your past experiences. No matter what’s going on, the promise of a healthy smile is in the stars for you, so let’s get started by answering some FAQs.

Questions and Answers: Reclaiming A Healthy Mouth

Question: What’s the first thing I should do if I’m ready to get my smile back into wonderful condition?

Answer: If you are ready to reestablish good oral health, you need to see us for a dental checkup and a dental cleaning. This will allow us to survey your smile, figure out whether you require treatments to restore your dental health, remove plaque and tartar buildup, and get you headed in the correct direction.

Question: What should I be doing at home? If my oral health isn’t in great shape, is it even worth brushing?

Answer: Brushing and flossing is always worthwhile. You will find that you get the best results by seeing us for your checkup and cleaning, so you are brushing teeth free of tartar buildup. We may also instruct you in best practices for your dental hygiene, so you make the most of your care at home.

Question: What if my smile is in really bad shape? Will you turn me away?

Answer: Of course not. If you need extensive treatments, we will come up with a plan for your oral health. Remember that we offer comprehensive care, including everything from prevention to fillings, TMJ treatment, tooth replacement, headache relief, cosmetic care, and more. For needs that surpass our services, we will refer you to trusted specialists.

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