3 Reasons Bruxism Flies Under The Radar

bruxismblondeHave you recently been diagnosed with bruxism? Did this diagnosis come with the shocking fact that you have been experiencing it for quite a while but you had no idea? Don’t worry – this is a common tale. “But why?” you might ask yourself. Why did you go so long without recognizing you were suffering from a functional disorder? Allow us to shed some light on why it took you a while to realize you require bruxism treatment (and why you shouldn’t feel guilty).

#1: You Have Polite Friends

It’s entirely possible that one of your friends overheard your bruxism – when you grind your teeth the noise you create is often audible. However, friends and loved ones are often too polite to mention it either because they assume you are doing it intentionally or they don’t want to offend. Fortunately, by seeking bruxism treatment, you can get this issue under control.

#2: You Were Skipping Preventive Visits

The signs that a dental professional can recognize are not helpful unless you schedule your dental checkups consistently. Everything from you mentioning tooth sensitivity to the visible signs of damage (like erosion, tooth cracks, or indentations along your tongue’s border) will alert us that bruxism is affecting your smile. As always, this is a good reminder that consistent dental visits are beneficial.

#3: It’s Involuntary

Patients generally aren’t even aware that they are grinding their teeth or clenching them together because the habit is involuntary. Your muscles fire off without your voluntary effort. This may mean that you overlook the problem during the day or that you are a sufferer of sleep bruxism. Don’t worry – bruxism treatment will lessen the severity and frequency of this issue.

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