TMJ Disorder: Why Didn’t I Realize?

womanwonderingbrunetteThere are many reasons you may have been going along, living your life without realizing you were suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD). The good news is that you made a visit to see us, we diagnosed you, and now you can receive treatment that will help heal tissues and prevent further damage. As for making you feel a bit better about the fact that TMD remained silent for a while, we would like to explain. Bring these details up with friends and family members if you think they may be dealing with TMD, so they get help right away.

It Was Your “Normal”

Particularly for patients who have had a significant malocclusion (poor bite) since childhood, having difficulty closing teeth together and dealing with discomfort may simply have been the only way of life you knew. As a result, some discomfort and difficulty chewing may have become “normal” for you. Don’t worry – the fact that you are ready to treat the issue is all that is important.

It Can Present Confusing Symptoms

Just because your neck and shoulders hurt or you occasionally notice a clicking in your jaw doesn’t mean you know you have TMJ disorder. In fact, for individuals with a high discomfort threshold, it will take much more to cause one to think something might be off with his or her jaw joints!

You Were Avoiding Care

For the most part, patients often discover that they are dealing with TMJ disorder with a visit to our practice. Whether you were visiting a different dentist or you have simply been avoiding preventive care for some time, it’s possible you overlooked the issue because you didn’t know it was there – and we had not yet seen you to offer a diagnosis. Rest assured, you are in excellent hands and on the road to recovery with noninvasive, effective treatment.

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