Three Surprising Headache Causes

Three Surprising Headache CausesWhat causes a headache? Some things that jump to mind are work stress, tension of all sorts and prolonged exposure to a noisy environment. You might be aware that decreasing caffeine intake can cause a headache. Headaches can be a side effect of untreated high blood pressure and some medical conditions. Certain foods and drinks cause headaches for some people. Did you know that your posture, our Texas summer weather and your teeth and jaw can also contribute to headaches? If you have unexplained headaches, please make an appointment so we can help you address the pain.

Poor Posture

In general, most of us spend a good deal of our day siting down. This may mean shoulders rounded forward in a car, or hunched over a computer. These postures tend to thrust the head forward, compress the chest and round the shoulders. The neck muscles can become fatigued and shoulders can be strained. Other harmful posture habits include cradling a phone between your neck and ear, and carrying a heavy backpack or purse on one shoulder. Becoming aware of your posture is the first step in helping alleviate posture-related headaches. Sit and stand tall, try to walk around every 45 minutes and try to eliminate poor-posture habits to help find relief.

Bright Sunlight

Bright sunlight, especially combined with hot weather and glare can bring on headaches and migraines in some people. The headaches can be made worse by mild dehydration. Wear  sunglasses to help with glare, especially around water and while driving. Drink plenty of fluids. Limit time spent outside when the sun is high.

Habits or Issues with Teeth

You may not have realized your teeth and jaw can cause headache, but your dentist knows. Unconscious tooth clenching or tooth grinding (bruxism) can result in headaches. These may develop doing the day, or a headache may be present upon awakening, if you grind your teeth at night. Misaligned teeth can also cause headaches, as the bite forces put never pressure on the jaw. Problems at the jaw/skull joint (TMJ) can also be a source of headaches. Your regular dental checkups offer a chance for us to ask you about recurring headaches, and help you determine if there is dental solution. Oral appliances, nighttime sleep guards, and braces to help with tooth and jaw alignment can offer relief.

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