Quiz Time: Dental Technology

Quiz Time: Dental TechnologyAre you someone who loves to keep up with every new gadget the moment it gets released? Or are you more likely to hold off on the latest trend, to see how it plays out? Technological advances have helped dentistry improve in many areas. We can now use an intraoral camera to help find cavities that are difficult to spot with the naked eye. If you get a job transfer to a new city, your dental images can follow you around the world. Take our fun quiz and see how much you know about dental technology!

Quiz Questions: True or False

Question 1: Ultrasonic scaling has nothing to do with fish.

Question 2: We use tiny drones that fly into your mouth, to access difficult-to-see areas, like the back molars.

Question 3: Digital x-rays expose you to less radiation than traditional x-rays.

Quiz Answers

Question 1: TRUE! Ultrasonic scaling has nothing to do with fish. Ultrasonic scaling is a way to treat periodontal disease. High frequency waves and water are used to clean teeth below the gum line during this in-office procedure.

Question 2: FALSE! Tiny drones might be kind of fun, but we use our own, highly trained eyes, and an intraoral camera on the end of a wand. This allows us to see and photograph difficult-to-reach areas of your teeth and mouth.

Question 3: TRUE! Not only are digital X-rays considered safer from a radiation exposure point of view, but they have other advantages. For example, they can can copied and shared easily, for consultations and insurance purposes. They maintain clarity even upon significant enlargement.

If you scored less than 100% on this quiz, we will be glad to share more information on any of the answers at your next office visit.

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