Summer Headaches: Is It The Heat?

womanwonderingroseDo you notice that you tend to experience headaches most when it’s extremely hot outside or when you’ve been extremely active? Perhaps summer is a time when your headaches sky rocket in frequency. Or, maybe you have headaches year round and don’t feel that the extraordinary humidity and heat have anything to do with it. We encourage you to consider this factor and to schedule a visit to discuss headache relief no matter what. Remember, you don’t need to tolerate chronic pain – we can help.

Heat And Headaches

Are you someone who notices your headaches show up most often in the summer or after you’ve spent some time outdoors in the heat? If so, while we always encourage headache sufferers to come in for a visit, dehydration may be contributing to your problem. When you are not hydrated, you can experience a headache among other symptoms. Unfortunately, you may not realize how quickly high humidity and heat can strip your body of moisture. Replenish your fluids and enjoy headache relief by consuming at least 8 8-ounce glasses of water daily and keeping yourself cool.

When The Heat Isn’t A Problem

Perhaps you’re someone who is extremely careful about remaining cool and hydrated. As a result, if you’re drinking tons of water every day and the heat isn’t affecting you, the prevalence of your headaches may be quite confusing. We suggest that you schedule a visit to discuss headache relief with us. In many instances, it’s related to the structure of your smile or something else associated with you that we can identify and fix. Whether your bite is poorly balanced, your jaw joints are irritated, or otherwise, relief may be much more easy to attain that you think.

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