Protect Your Jaw, Avoid TMJ Disorder

jawbonebrightIn some instances, TMJ disorder occurs as the result of jaw damage. While there are other potential contributors to the development of jaw joint problems, physical trauma is on the list. Curious about any steps you might be able to take to keep this part of your oral anatomy safe from accidental damage? Fortunately, we have some suggestions for you, so you can do your best to ensure your TMJs remain in one piece.

Practice Caution During Athletic Events

Whether you’re someone who spends a lot of time working out alone, participating in solo sports, or partaking in team sports, it is essential that you recognize something: Any sudden, powerful impact to your jaw can result in damage. Damage, as you know, may contribute to problems like TMJ disorder. To protect yourself from this concern, we strongly suggest our active patients begin using a sports mouth guard, which can absorb the shock of an unexpected impact.

Do Something About Bruxism

It’s true that you can cause your own jaw inflammation and overuse by neglecting to treat your bruxism disorder. We encourage you to address it the moment you have any idea grinding or clenching is occurring to protect yourself against TMJ disorder.

Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can lead to poorly balanced bite. Unfortunately, they can also lead to jawbone deterioration. To avoid this type of jawbone damage and the potential for TMJ problems, replace teeth after tooth loss – and strongly consider dental implants, which provide exceptional safeguarding against the deterioration of your jawbone.

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