How Your Crown Can Cause Headaches

When did you receive your dental crown? Was it at another practice? Was it 20 years ago? Have you said since you received it that it never really felt right? If so, you may be surprised to learn that an ill-fitting crown can actually lead to headaches and all sorts of discomfort. If this sounds familiar to you, we encourage you to come in for an exam and to learn about how we may be able to assist with headache relief. Let’s get you started with some helpful facts.

Bite Balance Is Important

Your top and bottom teeth fit together in such a way that allows you to speak, to chew, and to rest without any strain. If you start with good balance but then a dental crown is poorly placed, this will throw that balance off. Even the tiniest issue with balance can cause you to experience headaches, difficulty chewing, and even TMJ disorder. Surprised that you might need headache relief just for a crown that doesn’t fit well? It’s true.

What To Do

We can quickly determine whether your dental crown is contributing to your need for headache relief by scheduling a dental checkup for you. This will also give us ample time to consider other contributing factors that may be coming into play regarding any discomfort you experience on a regular basis. In addition to replacing the crown, we may offer other suggestions to alleviate pain and to restore your balance, oral health, and comfort. Come see us for a consultation!

Plan Your Visit

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