Month: August 2017

Headaches: How Your Chewing Habits Affect You

What are you doing throughout the day that causes you to chew? Are you someone who likes to nibble on your pencil, while you work? Maybe you’ve been known to buy chewing gum in bulk! Whatever the case, you might be overlooking the fact that overworking your jaw and moving your mouth so much may be… Read more »

Dental Sedation: A Helpful Review

If you’re someone who is a little scared when it comes to scheduling your dental visits, then you know that anything that can help you relax is fantastic. If you’re someone who is overwhelmed at the thought of coming in for care, then you know this is going to be absolutely essential. We are fully… Read more »

3 Ways Fixing Damaged Teeth Offers Headache Relief

What kind of state would you say your oral health is in at the moment? Do you think you might have a cavity or two? Do you have a broken tooth that you have never done anything about? Perhaps your old dental crowns are actually very old and you keep meaning to replace them. Did… Read more »

2 Reasons To See Us ASAP For Headache Relief

Have you felt somewhat compelled by the thought of coming in for professional headache relief? Do you think about it frequently but as you can tend to minimize your pain with self care, you often tell yourself that you’ll call us tomorrow? When it comes to procrastinating in regard to seeking relief for this type… Read more »

Why Try The TruDenta System?

Have you heard of the TruDenta System for headache relief? If you’ve been trying to do something about your chronic pain and you can’t seem to find a solution, you may want to schedule a visit to see us. This system is an effective option that can help reduce and eliminate your headaches if they… Read more »