Month: September 2017

3 C’s: Don’t Make Headaches Worse!

It’s entirely possible that the reason for your chronic headaches is related in some way to something we can treat. This might include your jaw joints, your posture, the misalignment of your teeth, and more. However, that does not mean other factors aren’t at play. Did you know that you could be making matters worse… Read more »

Dental Sealants: Very Helpful For Kiddos!

Do you have dental sealants on your to do list but you have not yet scheduled them? Are you under the impression that sealants are probably a good idea for your child’s smile but you still don’t really know what they do or why we mention them so frequently during visits? To erase the mystery… Read more »

TMJ Treatment: Why Start Today?

There’s something about seeking TMJ treatment that does not always cause patients to act with great urgency. Sometimes, patients aren’t experiencing any significant symptoms yet, so the need for speed does not naturally present itself. In other cases, patients worry there’s no hope left for them! Allow us to explain why whatever the case, it… Read more »

3 Questions We Can Answer About Your Headaches

Like many patients we see, you are getting headaches. Not just a headache once a month or when you happen to feel extremely stressed out. Nope! You are getting headaches all the time and you are doing everything you can to find headache relief. What you want, in addition to relief, of course, is answers!… Read more »