Month: September 2018

Tooth Loss: 3 Unexpected Problems It Can Cause

There are some problems that can come from losing your teeth. Of course, you already know about some of them! Tooth loss can make you feel less confident about your smile and appearance, it can make it harder to eat the foods you usually enjoy, etc. While this might be enough motivation to cause you… Read more »

Headache Relief: Why It Seems Harder And Harder To Attain

We know firsthand how frustrating it can be to deal with ongoing headaches. Unfortunately, we know, too, that seeking out headache relief can seem harder and harder as time goes on. Why is this the case, you wonder? Why can’t you just focus, choose something, and have it work for you? Well, while that might… Read more »

Are Headaches Taking Over Your Life?

We encourage you to ask yourself if you’re dealing with headaches: Just how much of your life is spent thinking about them, dealing with them, etc.? If the answer is anything other than, “Oh, I rarely get headaches!” then it is probably time for you to begin considering spending just a bit of a day… Read more »

Does Bruxism Cause Headaches?

Bruxism, which refers to persistent teeth grinding and jaw clenching, leads to a number of serious complications, such as damaged teeth. In some cases, patients with the disorder also experience headaches. Fortunately, we can help patients in Houston, TX, treat bruxism-related headaches.