Thanksgiving: Consider Some Helpful Headache Tips

Next up? Thanksgiving! It’s almost here. We just got through Halloween and the day of turkey (and gratitude, of course) is about to arrive. So, why aren’t you smiling? Is it because you were worried that Halloween was going to end in disaster because of your headaches and now, here you are again, facing yet another holiday (that will be followed by another)? We understand! Of course, our Houston, TX team would like you to take a moment to think about some tips we have for headache sufferers. If you’re ready for headache relief but you have not yet seen our team, it’s time to take action, so you feel good again and can enjoy this lovely season!

When In Doubt, Skip Jaw-Exhausting Foods

You may have no idea whether your need for headache relief is connected to your jaws. For some, problems like bruxism and TMJ disorder play a large role in chronic pain. Since this may or may not be affecting you, why not play it safe until you see us for a visit to find out for sure? Be careful with the foods you select, simply remaining mindful not to eat anything that requires extremely forceful chewing. Whether the food is very hard or chewy, it can tire or stress already inflamed jaw joints, which can lead to headaches. Go easy on those TMJs!

It’s Not A Good Time To “Try Again” With Headache Triggers

If you know that certain foods tend to contribute to the beginning or worsening of headaches, we simply encourage you not to decide to give them another try on Thanksgiving. Partly because this may ruin your holiday and because, of course, what you want is headache relief! If you know that wine, beer, caffeine, foods with nitrates, or anything else is a trigger, simply avoid it.

It’s A Good Reminder To Call Our Team

Are you stressing about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday because you are dealing with headaches that you’ve been experiencing for a long time, that you cannot control, and that you worry will interfere with Turkey Day (and holidays that come after)? If so, we encourage you to use this as a reminder to contact our team to talk about how we can offer you headache relief. Whether you come in before Thanksgiving or not long after, you will find that you gather answers and have hope on the horizon before the year is through! We look forward to seeing you.

Use Thanksgiving As Your Reminder To Set Up A Headache Relief Visit

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