Your Headaches: Things To Make Note Of

We have mentioned before that keeping a journal in which you maintain an account of your headaches is a good idea. Our Houston, TX team reminds you that even if you’re simply jotting down details on a loose sheet of paper, this can be very beneficial in guiding you toward headache relief. The more we know about the pain you’ve been experiencing, the more quickly we can determine the root cause of this continuing problem, as we find the solution that will help you. While you are welcome to make note of as many details as you would like, our recommendations will help you get started.

Where Does The Pain Happen?

This is something we mention frequently to our patients, as well. Remember to consider the part of your head that is experiencing discomfort when headaches hit. When you narrow down consistent areas of your head in which pain develops, it provides a lot of clues about the underlying cause of your need for headache relief!

What Time Of Day?

Pay attention to the time of day that your headache occurs. When we talk about headache relief with you, we can better establish what might be going on and what may or may not be contributing to your pain if we know that the headaches are sporadic or if we can trace a certain type of pattern. All you have to do is take a look at the clock and jot down the details.

What Have You Eaten?

Our team encourages you to consider what you ate right before your headache. While sometimes, you are simply having a reaction to something within your body (such as too much sugar, caffeine, etc.), it’s also possible that when you eat foods that are difficult to chew, you’re causing stress to your TMJs (jaw joints), which causes pain that radiates into your head. As a result, you need headache relief associated with your jaws. This is just one example of many possibilities!

What Activity Immediately Preceded It?

Were you feeling extremely stressed before your headache started? Did you go for a run? Did you eat a meal? Did you wake up with a headache? Remember to consider what you were doing when it started (and any activity that came right before), as this can be helpful, as well!

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