Taking The Time To Properly Plan Your Headache Treatment

Headaches can cause debilitating pain, and they can interfere with your life to the point that you feel unable to manage daily tasks. Many people who are struggling with frequent headaches are suffering from a problem that your Houston, TX dentist can help treat. A review of your jaw function, your bite, and other matters that connect to your oral health can aid in the development of a plan to put a stop to your troubles. Improvement can also come from help addressing an unconscious habit of grinding your teeth, which can occur frequently at night.

Identifying The Treatment Approach That Can Give You Relief From Headaches

If you are unsure why you have been experiencing recurring headaches, your dentist may find the answer by studying your bite, your jaw movement, and the current condition of your teeth. After a thorough review, a treatment plan can be built around putting a full stop to your troubles. Dr. Vlachakis can start you on treatment with the TruDenta System, which uses physical therapy, custom mouthguards, and other approaches to address headaches. This is a non-invasive course of action that also avoids the use of drugs to manage pain.

Your Issues With Chronic Pain Could Be Connected To Your Oral Health

If you only think about your dentist when you need to schedule a routine dental exam, or when you have a toothache, you are only receiving some of the benefits that come with professional oral care. Treating a problem with your jaw movement, or with issues that put stress on your jaw muscles and joints, can have many benefits. You can have an easier time biting and chewing, avoid dental damage from teeth grinding, and reduce the frequency and severity of pains that affect your face, neck, and head.

Maintaining A Healthy Smile Can Have Important Benefits

By maintaining a smile free from untreated decay or dental damage, you can sustain better dental function, and avoid painful problems that affect the quality of your life. While daily care will be important to your ongoing efforts to prevent dental troubles, you should also attend regular dental exams. Your visits can keep you informed about common problems like tooth decay and gum disease, and they give your dentist the opportunity to inquire about symptoms of TMJ dysfunction and bruxism, which could explain your issues with recurring headaches.

Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry Can Offer You Relief From Your Headaches

Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry is proud to help residents of Houston, TX and surrounding areas manage their oral health needs. We can also take care of you if you are struggling with frequent headaches. To find out more, or to schedule a consultation, call our dental office in Houston, TX, today at (281) 974-4494.

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