The Connection Between TMJ Dysfunction And Your Oral Health

When you think about what constitutes an oral health problem, you may focus solely on issues like cavities and gum disease. What you might not realize is how other issues with the condition of certain teeth, your dental alignment, or even your bite function can create problems that call for professional oral health care. TMJ dysfunction refers to any issues with a person’s jaw joints and muscles, and it can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms. While several issues can cause this problem to occur, it should be noted that oral health problems, particularly those that affect your dental function, may be the reason for your TMJ troubles. Your Houston, TX dentist can examine your oral health to determine what issue, or issues, might be to blame before planning your treatment.

TMJ Dysfunction Can Be A Big Problem For Your Daily Life

You can feel TMJ dysfunction’s presence in several unpleasant ways. One issue you can face is with chronic headaches. Many people do not realize how their oral health can contribute to problems with headaches, so they do not realize the matter is something to discuss with their dentist. You can also develop difficulties with biting and chewing, as well as problems with soreness in your face, neck, and jaw.

What Kind Of Oral Health Issues Can Create Problems With TMJ Dysfunction?

TMJ dysfunction can be caused by stress on the jaw created by a poor bite function. There are different issues that can lead to bite troubles. You can have problems because you are trying to avoid putting pressure on certain teeth. People with uncorrected alignment issues can also have a harder time with basic dental functions, which can be expressed through more stressful biting and chewing motions. These are issues that your dentist can identify and address. Orthodontic treatment can be recommended for your alignment issue, and supportive dental crowns can be placed on those teeth that are no longer good for biting and chewing.

We Have Advanced Technology That Can Identify Issues That Affect You

Our practice is committed to understanding your problems with pain, and we have access to advanced technology that makes a more thorough review of your condition possible. Thanks to TruDenta, your dentist can perform a number of important evaluations to understand your pain. Once all relevant concerns are identified, you can have a treatment plan created based around your individual needs.

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