Are You Experiencing Frequent Headaches? Tell Your Dentist!

If you frequently need to cancel plans due to headaches, if you find yourself frequently restocking your medicine cabinet with aspirin, or if you are just tired of dealing with recurring pain, talk to your Houston, TX dentist about headache relief. This might seem like a strange way to deal with your problem – after all, you typically associate dental care with teeth and gums – but our practice can help you determine why you are having headaches, and help you deal with them. You might be surprised at how often headache issues can be traced back to problems with a person’s oral health, particularly when they have untreated or undiagnosed TMJ dysfunction.

Performing A Review To Determine The Reason For Your Headaches

TruDenta can be used to figure out why a person keeps having headaches. A thorough discussion of your past issues, a review of your bite, and a study of your neck motion all contribute to an overall examination to determine the root of your troubles. By directly taking the matter on, and finding out what needs to be done to put an end to your headaches, your dentist can offer a long-term solution to your problems!

Correcting Problems With TMJ Dysfunction

For many people, headaches are one of many symptoms that are traceable to untreated problems with TMJ dysfunction. This term refers to a number of issues that have a negative effect on your jaw joints. By reducing pressure on these joints, you can start to enjoy freedom from headaches, jaw pain, facial soreness, and even stiffness and soreness in your neck. If your problem is the result of unresolved problems with your bite function, your dentist can determine what might need to happen to improve the way you bite and chew. You may have problems with your bite because of poor dental alignment. You could also benefit from the placement of dental crowns on teeth that are too weak, or too small, to properly help you with biting and chewing tasks.

Make Sure You Keep Up With Regular Dental Care!

By attending regular dental exams, you can look forward to quality care that concerns your oral health. Our practice can keep up with your needs during every evaluation, and you can undergo routine dental cleanings that keep your teeth in their healthiest possible states. These appointments also open up opportunities for you to address obvious oral health problems, like biting and chewing, as well as problems like chronic headaches.

Talk To Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry About Your Issues With Headaches

Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry is proud to offer quality care to individuals who are suffering from regular headaches. At our practice, we can determine the cause of your troubles, and work with you on a meaningful solution! If you would like to schedule a consultation, call our dental office in Houston, TX, today at (281) 974-4494.

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